PEC Preservation

PEC Preservation

0.00 + VAT/year
+ setup € + VAT/o.p.

Legally preserve all messages of your PEC accounts, wherever they are

The PEC Preservation service allows PEC messages and their notification receipts to be archived and stored in accordance with the law: thanks to the digital preservation time stamp, the validity of the PEC is actually extended over time.

The service can communicate with all Certified Email Providers, so you can also legally preserve PEC accounts external to Hosting Solutions.

The service includes 1 GB of storage and can also be used for a single PEC account. If the included space is not enough, it can be increased it by purchasing it as an additional service.

Also, if several services are purchased to preserve more than one PEC mailbox, it will be possible to manage all these mailboxes from the same web panel account.

(*) How to calculate the cost of the service
The price of the service is annual, but the actual cost changes depending on the date of purchase. In fact, if the purchase is made between 1 January and 31 May, the cost will be calculated up to 31 December of the current year, therefore for a period of use of less than one year (a cost of less than € ), whereas if the purchase is made between 1 June and 31 December, the cost will be calculated up to 31 December of the following year, therefore for a period of use of more than one year (a cost of more than € ).

How the PEC Preservation service works

Once the service has been purchased, it is necessary to open a ticket to technical support to communicate the necessary information for the legal preservation of the PEC account(s).

Following the activation of the service and the initial preservation of the entire mailbox, the system will carry out once a day - incrementally - the preservation of messages arrived (and not deleted) in the last 24 hours.

The service has a simple web graphical interface that allows consultation of archived messages per account (see image).