Mail Server Services

Dedicated Mail Server

35.00 + VAT/year
+ setup € + VAT/o.p.

Manage your email accounts freely with Dedicated Mail Server. Now with 50 GB of space!


The Dedicated Mail Server was created to allow customers to manage their mail service associated with their domain(s) in complete autonomy, with no limitations on the number or size of accounts and the possibility of sending messages without restrictions through a dedicated SMTP server.

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Main advantages of the service

The Dedicated Mail Server includes: domain (*), 50 GB of available storage, tools for creating and managing email accounts, an authenticated SMTP, Antivirus and Antispam filters, customizable WebMail. Everything is hosted in dedicated infrastructure fully managed by Hosting Solutions technicians. This allows you to manage all the resources dedicated to the Mail Server service in autonomy, creating, modifying and sizing your email accounts, without worrying about the technical aspects .
Moreover, the service is multi-domain, so it allows you to manage the accounts of multiple domains.

Import service for existing email accounts on external servers

Upon request, it is possible to import existing email accounts hosted on external servers to Hosting Solutions infrastructure. For more information, please write to or call the number 055 30312626.

Service features

Domain registration or transfer

  • DNS with geographic redundancy (4 DNS servers located in 3 geographical locations: Florence, Rome, Catania)
  • Control panel for complete and independent management of all DNS records
  • Private Whois (optional)
  • "under construction" courtesy page (here an example)

Mail Server features

  • The Dedicated Mail Server service is hosted in a virtual server (VPS) fully managed by Hosting Solutions
  • 50 GB available (which can be increased through additional services) to create unlimited email accounts
  • Customizable account size
  • Dedicated SMTP with unlimited messages, both in number and size
  • Dovecot POP/IMAP mail server, with protocol scripting capability, with SIEVE filters enabled
  • Postfix SMTP Server
  • Web control panel for the management of email domains and accounts
  • RoundCube Webmail
  • POP, POPS, IMAP, IMAPS, SMTP e SMTPS support (authenticated)
  • Antispam filters
  • Antivirus filters
  • SIEVE filters, to create and customise filters for email messages (sorting, autoresponders, etc.).
  • Multi-domain support, for email management on all registered domains

The following optional additional services are also available:

To order an additional service, it is necessary to log in to the Control Panel, then click on Ordina Servizi Add-On (Order add-on services) in the menu on the left.

For pricing information, please contact our sales office by phone at 055 30312626 or by email at


  • The service fee includes the registration or transfer of a domain with one of the extensions listed in the Complete extensions list, identified by the green tick () in the “Included in hosting” column. For domains with different extensions, registration and management must be purchased separetely.
  • Root access to the server is reserved to Hosting Solutions’ technical team. The server will only host email applications. For further details, please read terms and conditions for the use of the email service.
  • For this service Hosting Solutions recommends to set SPF and DKIM records for email services to improve delivery rates and limit spam filtering, for which our technical support will offer appropriate assistance.
  • The minimum period of service activation is 3 months. On expiry, the Mail Server can be renewed for 1, 3, 6, 12 months.