Smart Working

Smart Working and Teleworking

Customised solutions for small and large companies and PA (Public Administration)

Given the emergency linked to the spread of the coronavirus, even those who have not yet faced the reality of telework may now find themselves in the need to use it. Hosting Solutions supports companies implementing immediate and complete telework and smart working solutions.

What is Smart Working

Smart Working (Lavoro Agile) means "a new model of work (a mode of execution of the subordinate employment relationship) characterized by the absence of time or space constraints and an organization by phases, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between employee and employer; a model that helps the worker to reconcile life and work time and, at the same time, promote the growth of his productivity. The definition of smart working, contained in Law no. 81/2017, places emphasis on organisational flexibility, the voluntary nature of the parties signing the individual agreement and the use of tools that enable remote working (such as laptops, tablets and smartphones)". . (source: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy)

A first necessity in the creation of a Smart Working platform, and therefore in making available one or more remote workstations different from the usual workplace, is to have infrastructure services for remote connection and backup.

Essential steps

To quickly activate a teleworking and/or smart working platform, the essential steps (in the immediate future) are:

  • set up secure VPN access point;
  • interconnect company offices and remote workstations to the VPN.

Afterwards, then:

  • equip yourself with advanced information sharing tools (e.g. NextStorage based on Nextcloud platform);
  • evalutate the cloud transfer dof company assets (e.g. application and database servers, management servers).

Smart Working and Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions has been an internet service provider for many years, both physical and virtual (VPS, Cloud, dedicated servers). Thanks to the experience gained, Hosting Solutions can provide important support in identifying the services needed for the platform to be activated and can make available - in a very short time - specific solutions such as VPN (e.g. virtual servers with openVPN), Managed Cloud services for complete infrastructures (e.g. Azure Managed Cloud, from infrastructure design to complete management), synchronization and file sharing services (e.g. NextStorage based on Nextcloud platform), dedicated servers with remote access and backup services.

Invest in your company

There are companies that have not yet equipped themselves to work digitally and remotely : having never faced this type of investment, these companies may find themselves in difficulty, often because it is considered too expensive and demanding.

Hosting Solutions is available to support companies during the change (including Public Administrations), with professionalism and competence: contact us, we can offer you a customized solution at affordable prices.