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Protection for websites on Linux O.S.

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Additional security service for all websites on hosting, VPS, dedicated servers

Additional security service for websites on hosting, VPS and dedicated servers with Linux operating system, it protects automatically and in real time against malware, phishing, site defacement, data exfiltration, ransomware and web shells. In particular, the service protects the single website in the case of hosting, while protecting all websites in the case of VPS and physical servers.

Malware, short for “malicious software”, refers to any intrusive software whose damaging activity is carried out for the purposes of aggression (e.g. DDoS), ransomware, identity theft (e.g. phishing), spamming (mass sending of unwanted emails), downloading support scripts for other malware, etc..
Unfortunately, the damaging effect of malware is often evident when it is too late to intervene, permanently compromising the affected website: this is why a preventive approach is important, protecting the website (or websites) before the threat takes effect.

The technology used is innovative: it is not based on 'signatures' to identify malicious software but on behaviour, so on what the software does and not on what it looks like. Moreover, the protection has no impact on the performance of the website.

The service can be purchased as an add-on to a Hosting plan, to VPS and to Dedicated Server using Linux operating system.
A report on the service's activity can be provided on request.

To order an additional service, you need to log in to the Control Panel, then click on Ordina Servizi Add-On (Order add-on services) in the menu on the left.