Shared Email Services

Domain + 5 emails + dedicated SMTP

0.00 + VAT/year
+ setup € + VAT/otp

Domain and email service with authenticated dedicated SMTP. Send your messages with no restrictions


In addition to the registration of the domain name (*), the service provides 5 email addresses on the registered domain, with support for sending messages via a dedicated outgoing SMTP server. Furthermore, thanks to FlexMail support, it is possible to dynamically manage the space to assign to each account created.

Features of the service

Domain registration or transfer

  • DNS with geographical redundancy (4 DNS servers located in 3 geographical locations: Florence, Rome, Catania)
  • Control panel for complete and independent management of all DNS records
  • Private Whois (optional)
  • "under construction" courtesy page (here an example)

Homepage Editor

  • It can be activated free of charge from the control panel
  • It allows you to replace the "under construction" page with an online editable web page
  • It includes HTML WYSIWYG editor, which is ideal for exploiting parked domains
  • It does not include advertising or references to Hosting Solutions

Dedicated SMTP service

  • Possibility to send up to 1000 messages/day or 200 MB data/day
  • Maximum size of an attachment is 50 MB. Messages can also be sent to multiple recipients.
  • Access via standard SMTP port (25) and SMTPS (465)
  • Authenticated connection support made from any device (PC, SmartPhone, Tablet), application and web page

Features of the email service

  • 5 POP3/IMAP4 email accounts (2 GB/account, which can be dynamically scalable up to 15GB)
  • up to 5 forward or alias email addresses
  • Free dedicated SMTP always included for a maximum of 100 emails/day per account.
  • Autoresponder addresses, which can be activated and configured directly from the control panel
  • Configurable "catch-all" account
  • FlexMail support for advanced email space management. It allows you to dynamically manage the quota to be assigned to each email account you create (up to 15GB per mailbox).
  • Choice of 5 Webmails available: Classic, Advanced, Horde, RoundCube, SquirrelMail
  • AntiSpam filters, which can be activated and configured directly from the control panel
  • Antivirus filters
  • SIEVE filters, to create and customize filters for email messages (sorting, autoresponders, etc.).

Advantages of the dedicated SMTP service

UBy using our SMTP servers with redundant and balanced hardware, you will not only avoid the long queues of public SMTP servers, but you will also get extra assurance that your message will be delivered.

  • Speed:
    sending mail via Dedicated SMTP guarantees better performance than sending mail via public SMTP.
  • Security:
    thanks to a specific architecture, our SMTP servers guarantee security and efficiency when sending mail.
  • Convenience:
    using a Dedicated SMTP server makes you independent from your phone or connectivity provider. In fact, by connecting your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) to the dedicated SMTP service, you will no longer need to change your mail sending settings depending on where you are using your device.

Unlike public SMTPs, often blacklisted, our technical team constantly monitor spam activities, minimising the possibility that the dedicated SMTP server may be blocked by blacklists or Antispam filters.

To order an additional service, it is necessary to log in to the Control Panel, then click on Ordina Servizi Add-On (Order add-on services) in the menu on the left.

How to calculate sending volumes

  • sending 1 email with n recipients results in the counting of n emails
  • sending of 1 email of m bytes with n recipients results in the counting of (m x n) bytes


  • Switching from a smaller package to a bigger one can be done with Easy Upgrade from our control panel, by paying the difference between the 2 packages until expiry.
  • Messages can be sent from any account of your domain.
  • With the SMTP package for unlimited messages you can add the Relay from additional domains, option, which allows you to send messages also from accounts of other domains.

Client Configuration

To configure authenticated access from your email client, please refer to the outgoing mail server configuration guide.

For more details on how SMTP packages work, please see the SMTP Solutions page


  • (*) The service fee includes the registration or transfer of a domain with one of the extensions listed in the Complete extensions list, identified by the green tick () in the “Included in hosting” column. For domains with different extensions, registration and management must be purchased separetely.
  • Features marked 'Optional' can be purchased separetely when ordering or after the activation of the service.
  • If payment is made by credit card or PayPal, the purchased service will be activated within 24 hours on weekdays. If the payment is made by bank transfer or postal order, it will be necessary to send us a copy of the payment receipt by fax to the number 055 30312210 or by email to, indicating the name of the domain connected to the service purchased.
  • After the subscription, you will receive an automatic order confirmation email containing all the necessary documentation to complete the activation of the service. Once the service has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login credentials for the administration of the service .