Secondary MX Services

Secondary MX services

The backup of your mail server: receive safely even when you are offline!

The service allows you to receive email messages even if your mail server (hosted by us or others) is down due to failure or maintenance. Once the main mail server is up and running again, the secondary MX server will deliver the messages to the primary server.

How it works

The service is ideal for those who need to receive their emails with a high level of certainty. In fact, the secondary MX server is activated when the primary mail server is off-line or delayed in responding. In these cases, the secondary MX server receives the emails in the place of the primary server and, when the primary server comes back on-line, it delivers them to it. In this way, even if the primary server is unavailable for a long time, no messages will be lost.

Another important feature of our secondary MX service is the geographical redundancy with respect to the primary mail server (the mail server and the mx server are located in geographically different locations): thanks to this, the probability of service interruption becomes almost zero. The secondary MX services, in fact, are provided by our data center in Rome, while the Mail Server services are provided by our data center in Florence.