Website Security

Emergency response - Malware Removal & Hack Repair

The quick response for your websites

In addition to web security services, Hosting Solutions offers a cleaning and restoration service for compromised websites. This service is closely related to the technological features of the compromised site, so the intervention is highly customised.


The emergency response platform has a professional team that intervenes- on request - on security incidents of a website; the team is fully trained to weaken infections and malware effects.

Generally, web security is very complex; intrusions on a website can happen for multiple reasons, although today’s website development technologies provide a set of tools to prevent them from being compromised.

The Emergency Response platform has been designed to fprovide a complementary team to assist you during the identification and removal of the problem: analysis and identification of the cause, assistance with patching and recovery of the functions of the compromised environment.

The Emergency Response platform responds to the following threats:

  • Server Malware infections
  • Site Malware infections
  • SEO Spam injections
  • Malicious Redirect
  • Site Defacement
  • Backdoors


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