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Cloud Computing by Hosting Solutions


The main advantage of Cloud Computing is that it facilitates the execution of tasks that require great computational capacity, without having to invest in the purchase of hardware.

Hosting Solutions' Cloud Computing platform is designed to provide maximum flexibility thanks to a modern provisioning system, allowing the activation of infinite virtual servers (cloud servers) through a simple and intuitive interface (control panel, see image).

Hosting Solutions’ cloud computing infrastructure is entirely hosting within our data centres.
The cloud servers created through our service according to the instance chosen, are activated in a few seconds, with an operating system of your choice between Linux (various distributions and software, e.g. Ubuntu with Apache Tomcat (Java) and Windows and made available immediately. In addition, each server has dedicated resources in terms of CPU, RAM and disk space. Once the cloud server is created, it is possible to add volumes of space that will result as additional partitions.

Our service is totally on demand so it allows you to start one or more cloud servers and shut them down even after a few seconds, paying only for the actual use.

The payment system is based on credit with prepaid top-ups, available from a minimum denomination of 10 Euro. Hosting Solutions, therefore, will only deduct from this credit the time (per second) actually used for the cloud servers active in the infrastructure. For large consumptions, there is a monthly discount plan available for each spending range.

You can simulate the monthly cost of the different instances using our Configurator.