Private Cloud Services

Private Cloud

All the power of the cloud, tailor-made for you!

What makes the private cloud different from the public cloud is the possibility of creating on-demand cloud servers from a fully dedicated hardware infrastructure. The allocation of each server's resources is completely autonomous and unrestricted; moreover, you can set up personal templates (images) to create new instances (cloud servers) immediately.



The basis of our hardware infrastructure are the new DELL PowerEdge servers with high redundancy of the elements most prone to failure: disks in RAID, dual power supplies and dual network cards. These redundancies guarantee service continuity even in the event of failure.
Our servers have a 100% hardware warranty so, in the event of failure, any replacement of a component and recovery of the server is the responsibility of Hosting Solutions.

Storage for cloud servers

The storage system is provided by FAS NetApp Enterprise-level SAN . This type of storage is characterized by high redundancies and guarantees data security and availability. The use of SAN storage is essential to achieve high cluster reliability.

The NetApp hardware is highly resilient and ensures service continuity and high reliability. An important feature of NetApp storage is the ability to schedule snapshots of storage volumes. Our technical team is also available to provide the initial setup and/or templates to be used to create cloud servers.

Finally, storage is provided by our Primary Storage services available in full SSD or SAS + cache SSD versions.

Cloud server Backup

The backup activities of the data contained in the cloud servers are performed through our storage service using Acronis Backup, which is always based on NetApp systems installed in our data center in Rome. This guarantees geographical redundancy to the data, security, availability and accessibility to the backups (infrastructure in Florence, backup in Rome).

The Acronis software allows you to manage, from a single interface and independently, all the backups of all the cloud servers in your infrastructure. The Acronis management web console allows you to schedule backups with the desired frequency (fully customizable), directing them to our storage devices in Rome.


Connectivity has the following features:

  • Internet connectivity: 100 Mbps dedicated/server (in active/backup mode);
  • To Storage: 1 Gbps in active/backup mode;
  • Private connectivity (between cluster nodes and between cloud servers): 1 Gbps in active/backup mode over dedicated VLAN.

IP addresses

There are 4 IP addresses per server. IP addresses can be added as required.



You can choose the hypervisor from the most popular ones, such as VMware, Xen Center, Hyper-V, Proxmox. Hosting Solutions' technical team can also help in the various phases of designing and implementing the cloud infrastructure, as they are Xen Server and VMware certified and also have extensive experience with the other hypervisors indicated.

Operating systems

Any operating system and version can be installed on cloud servers; in the case of Microsoft products (Windows operating system, RDP applications, Office, etc.) Hosting Solutions can issue the necessary licenses to comply with Microsoft's licensing policies.

HA (High Availability) and Disaster Recovery

The use of private cloud services allows you to build virtual infrastructures that meet high reliability requirements. High reliability is linked to the characteristics of the various hypervisors such as: allowing cloud servers to automatically reboot to another node in case of a node failure, allowing a cloud server to be manually moved, while in use, from node to node (VMotion), allowing virtual disks to be manually moved, while in use, to different storage volumes (Storage VMotion), allowing cloud servers to schedule and create security Snapshots and allowing shared storage to be used between cluster nodes.

Disaster Recovery: Colocation in Rome and Siziano allows the design of complete disaster recovery solutions, minimizing the recovery time after a disaster and thus meeting the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) needs of the infrastructure.

Support and technical team

Hosting Solutions' technical team can provide support from the design phase to the implementation of the private cloud infrastructure.

It is also possible to request fully managed solutions, which leave the customer only the burden of creating and managing the infrastructure, guaranteeing assistance and stability.