Management Sofware In Cloud

Take your management software to the Hosting Solutions cloud

Solutions with cloud, virtual and physical servers

Specific offer for the world of management software and teleworking, with all the solutions (cloud, VPS, dedicated server) that Hosting Solutions has specifically created to bring its management system into a secure and scalable environment, of which you retain control total with an absolutely economic expense.

Smart Working and Telework

VPN services, virtual and cloud servers, file synchronization and sharing services, dedicated server whit remote access dedicated and backup services.
Customized solutions for small and large companies and PA (Public Administration). Find out more.

Cloud Computing

Linux € 1.044/day

Windows € 1.764/day

CPU: 2 Core
HD: 50 GB
IP addresses: 1
Firewall: included
AntiDDoS protection: included

VMWare VPS Server

Linux € 39.00/month

Windows € 45.00/month

CPU: 2 Core
HD 50 GB
IP addresses: 1
Firewall: included
AntiDDoS protection: included
Backup: 50 GB

Dedicated Physical Server

Linux € 79.00/month

Windows € 109.00/month

CPU: E-2224 3.4 GHz 4 Core
HD: 2 x 1 TB in RAID
IP addresses: 2
Firewall: included
AntiDDoS protection: included
Backup: 100 GB

Microsoft Licensing

When purchasing services that include Microsoft software, the customer automatically subscribes to the Microsoft EULA License. We invite our customers to review this by visiting the following page of our website: Regulations: Microsoft Licensing

All the benefits of Hosting Solutions' cloud services


All Hosting Solutions services are all-inclusive, this means they contain all the necessary html features to start working in the cloud right away. The service has no subscription fee and does not require any initial investment, you pay only what you use.

Security and stability

Our cloud services are provided by an infrastructure composed of 4 Data Centres all in Italy, the most recent one, of the latest generation, was inaugurated in 2015.

Direct control and resale services

All our services are provided in white label, mode, without a trademark/brand or logo, and are therefore suitable for resale. We provide our customers with direct and exclusive control of the machines, so that they can provide services to their customers independently.


The services offered are flexible, so they allow you to scale your infrastructure at any time, optimising like this resources in proportion to the services to be provided.

Assistance and support

The technical assistance of Hosting Solutions represents one of the strong points of our offer. In fact, we provide direct support (including telephone support) both in the setup phase (during the transfer of the management system to the cloud) and when fully operational.