Rules for the use of e-mail

Regulation of services

Hosting services are services aimed at receiving, consulting and sending e-mail messages. For these services, the general conditions of use of the services apply in addition to the conditions specified below

The email service allows emails to be received for the configured email accounts, which can be viewed using programs (e-mail clients) that use the POP3 and IMAP4 protocols or via webmail (web interface for receiving/consulting/sending). Emails can be sent via webmail, an SMTP service with a limited number of messages, or authenticated services that may be contracted separately.

The email service is intended for use by people or companies, within the limits of the normal activity that a person is able to carry out on a daily basis; therefore, it is not allowed and it is an abuse to send bulk emails, an activity for which special services are provided (DEM services or dedicated authenticated SMTP services). If this type of abuse is detected, Hosting Solutions is entitled to restrict or suspend the service.

Hosting Solutions, ensuring the guarantees provided by law, reserves the right to vary (in order to improve the service) the conditions of use at any time at its discretion. For further information see: Variation of the characteristics of services

It is considered abuse:

  • sending unsolicited commercial or non-commercial e-mails,
  • spreading viruses or malicious scripts,
  • transmitting 'mail bombs' with excessively large attachments,
  • sending messages to accounts that do not exist within the mail domain


We encourage the Customer to regularly download his mail from the server.


E-mails may only be sent to recipients who consented in advance to receive the messages.

Non-bulk mailings via web pages must be sent from a valid e-mail address, belonging to your own domain.
Messages sent with other addresses may be filtered, deleted and not delivered to the destination, even without prior notice.

The format of messages sent must be text-only or HTML.

Every communication sent must be made with an existing sender. In addition, the sender must ensure, as far as possible, that the recipient is correct and must not return communications to mailboxes that have already been refused.

Including executable codes or malicious scripts (e.g. viruses) in emails is not permitted and Hosting Solutions urges you to take all necessary measures to avoid such mailings.

To ensure compatibility with the international SMTP standard, HTML messages must not exceed a length of 2,048 characters per line.

Mail activity traffic is unlimited, so it is not counted as monthly traffic.

We do not recommend sending e-mail messages with more than 100 recipients in the header. If you need to send the same message to multiple recipients, we recommend that you send multiple messages to smaller groups of recipients. If you send messages to more than 100 recipients in the same header, they may be filtered, deleted and not delivered, even without warning.

Bulk mailing or newsletters

Sending newsletters or, in general, large quantities of mail messages is permitted EXCLUSIVELY through specific services, such as DEM Mail Servers, Dedicated Mail Servers, Dedicated SMTP.

Sending from dedicated servers and VPSs is only permitted using the server's internal SMTP server as a relay.

Bulk mailing must be carried out according to the double opt-in mechanism, as stated in the current legislation

It is the Client's responsibility to implement all the necessary rules to avoid blacklisting. If the bulk mailing results in the blacklisting of the IP associated with the service, the service will be suspended and reactivation will be discretionary, only following delisting activities by the Client, which may entail additional costs.

Bulk mailing may under no circumstances be carried out using domains with Private Whois.

Bulk sending of e-mails from web pages hosted on the hosting plans is not permitted: should this occur, messages may be filtered or deleted without notice.

Bulk sending of e-mails from webmail is not permitted: hould this occur, messages may be filtered or deleted without notice.


Hosting Solutions will deactivate instantly and without notice any service from which it detects that SPAM messages have been sent.