Purchase Premium Domains - Pricing and registration

Premium domains are domains with a significant commercial value that the official registry of each extension reserves the right to sell at a particular price and generally much higher than the specific price of the extension.

These domains, therefore, do not have a list price but a specific price that is only disclosed at the time of actual registration and not at the time of verification of availability.

It may therefore happen that the purchase procedure for a domain is completed, including payment, and that this domain is subsequently of the premium type. In this case, Hosting Solutions will inform - via email - the Customer of the surcharge, who can decide whether or not to purchase the domain at the new price.
Hosting Solutions will cancel the order and refund the payment previously made. If the customer is still interested in buying the premium domain, he must contact directly the administration.

ATTENTION: in general, the activation of the domain registration service is only considered successful when the activation email has been received or if the activation notice is displayed in the specific area of the control panel. Cases in which domain registration requires additional documentation are excluded, as indicated on the page of our website concerning the domain extension ordered. This documentation will be requested after receiving the activation email: in this case, the domain registration will only be completed after the Registry has received and approved the additional documentation requested.