Use of dynamic components, scripts and executables in the services of Hosting

Regulation of services

Hosting Solutions provides its customers with hosting plans that allow the use of CGI programs, ASP scripts, Perl, PHP and other executable programs.

Since scripts use more resources than HTML pages, Hosting Solutions has defined a set of rules to ensure that systems with active content function correctly.

Scripts and/or executables must use a low to medium amount of resources. Clients who start scripts or programs that use an excessive amount of memory and/or CPU are subject to additional costs.

Migration of the plan to a dedicated server will be appropriate for applications that require high system resources.

Scripts must not interfere with the configuration of the operating system, web server or hardware. Examples of interference include time-out settings, CPU resources and other default parameters on the server.

Scripts must not have vulnerabilities that can be exploited in a damaging manner from outside. The Client is liable for malfunctions caused by his scripts, even if caused by third parties. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that his scripts or programs cannot be exploited from outside.

Scripts may not be accessed from other servers or through automated procedureswithout the prior approval of Hosting Solutions. Examples include: server-side scripts that can be used in an automated way, public visit counters and other scripts accessible from other sites.

Inserting forms/modules (e.g. contact forms, comment forms, etc.) that automatically generate emails (form-to-mail) into web pages must be done rin such a way as to prevent their improper and automatic use by programs/scripts (e.g. BOTs). One way of implementing this submission control may be the use of control techniques (e.g. CAPTCHA) that tell whether the form in question is used by a person or by a program (BOT). In addition: the messages generated by these forms/modules must include, in the sender and in the envelope of the message generated by the form, the address of an existing mailbox in the site's domain; the script for sending the form message must ascertain the correct configuration of an MX record for the domain to which the destination mailbox belongs.

Any script or material on a site that causes interruptions or compromises the proper functioning of our systems , also damages other sites hosted on the same server, thus our service and our image.

Hosting Solutions will interrupt the service that is the cause of the interruption or malfunction of our systems even without prior notice. The reactivation may be implemented in accordance with the time, cost and manner considered appropriate by us.

Any script designed to attack or compromise a server will result in the immediate interruption of the service (and/or account) and the initiation of appropriate legal proceedings against the owner of the service. Hosting Solutions will be the only party to evaluate and decide whether a script is harmful or not.

Hosting Solutions reserves the right to change the technical/technological characteristics and the dimensioning of the services at any time in order to improve the service. For further information see: Variation of the characteristics of the services