Variation of the characteristics of services

Regulation of services

Hosting Solutions reserves the right to change the technical/technological characteristics of the services at any time.

Variations may be supplementary to improve the functioning of the service or restrictive to limit certain functionalities.

Any changes will be published in the service sheet on the website.

Additional changes may or may not be applied to old subscriptions depending on the technical complexity of the change of the service. Therefore, innovations or technologies that cannot be implemented on production servers hosting existing subscriptions may be adopted.

If the Customer wishes to benefit from the new technologies, introduced after the service has been activated, the Customer may request an upgrade of the service or cancel it and purchase a new plan.

PLEASE NOTE If an already active service, which is being upgraded or transferred to a new server, has additional active services (e.g. additional Host Pointers), the cancellation of the main service also entails the cancellation of the associated additional services; therefore, if the main service is cancelled in order to benefit from the new version of the same service, the additional services associated with the old service must be subscribed to again and/or updated in order to be associated with the updated service.

For details see the upgrade page in each section of our site (e.g. for the section Domains Domains - Upgrade)