Conditions of use of hosting services

Hosting services are services aimed at publishing static and/or dynamic websites. For these services, the general conditions of use of the services apply in addition to the conditions specified below.

The publication of any material that violates one or more international and/or national laws. is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material that is legally considered obscene or offensive, information covered by professional secrecy or information that violates privacy laws.

It is forbidden to access resources on external servers through connections on protocols other than HTTP/HTTPS; by way of example, but not limited to, it is forbidden to connect to external database servers or external SMTP servers. However, even when using HTTP/HTTPS connections to external servers, Hosting Solutions reserves the right to block such connections if they are used improperly; by way of example, but not limited to, web-crawling.

Hosting Solutions reserves the right to suspend or cancel without refund the availability of the services (from the suspension of the services to the cancellation of the account) even without notice, if the Customer violates one or more clauses of these regulations.

osting Solutions, ensuring the guarantees provided by law, reserves the right to vary (to improve the service) the conditions of use at any time at its discretion. For further information see: Variation of service features

It is expressly prohibited:

  • the use of resources of the hosting services by external websites or servers; examples are - but are not limited to - cgi scripts, audio files, video files;
  • The mass sending of emails from hosting plans, unless the Customer has subscribed to a dedicated SMTP service, following the rules of use of that service;
  • the use by hosting plans of SMTP servers external to Hosting Solutions;
  • sending emails with non-existent senders;
  • the use of the hosting services to provide cryptocurrency mining, background data processing, counter-server, banner-server or other cgi services to a large number of users, without the prior written permission of Hosting Solutions.


In case of use of CMS (Content Management System, e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, etc..), the customer is required to keep the software updated with all available updates (bug fixes). If using obsolete software for which updates (bug fixes) are no longer available, Hosting Solutions reserves the right to suspend the service.

The insertion of forms (e.g. contact forms, comment forms, etc.) on web pages that automatically generate emails must be designed to prevent their improper and automatic use by programs/scripts (e.g. BOT). One way to implement such control can be, but is not limited to, the use of control techniques (e.g. CAPTCHA) that distinguish whether the form is used by a person or by a program (BOT). In addition: the messages generated by these forms must include, in the sender and in the envelope of the message generated by the form, the address of an existing account in the website domain; the script sending the form message must verify the correct configuration of an MX record for the domain to which the destination account belongs.

Customers will be able to deposit data including text, images, databases and other documents in the space associated with the purchased services. Hosting Solutions will not process the data that the Customer enters in the space associated with the purchased service, which is an area publicly available via the Internet. Even with the necessary security measures in place, the data on the Internet are by their very nature public data. The regulations of our service prohibit the use of the web space to deposit and process sensitive data online and to deposit data that violate privacy rights or copyright.