SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Continuity of service delivery

Hosting Solutions is aware of the importance of service availability for its customers; therefore, it guarantees service continuity by ensuring maximum performance and uptime. Hosting Solutions is committed to guarantee the level of service (SLA - Service Level Agreement) described below by area of application.

Network quality

Hosting Solutions is a "Cisco Powered Network", which means that it exclusively uses Cisco routers , either as border routers or BGP routers. The network components are redundant to ensure reachability and to eliminate critical hardware failure points. Hosting Solutions' network is multi-homed, using multiple and redundant lines to provide fast and reliable connections.


Hosting Solutions guarantees that the data center network is reachable (uptime) for 99.9% of the contracted time. The remaining 0.1% of time is taken up by maintenance activities.

The SLA for the indicated uptime refers to the operation of the entire network infrastructure, including routers, switches, servers and lines, as well as the reachability of the customer's server. Downtime is considered to be the time during which a customer is unable to reach the server via a ping or traceroute command and notifies Hosting Solutions through the Ticket System. The downtime is therefore measured from the moment the customer opens the ticket until the moment the service becomes available again.

The SLA does not include the operation of software installed on the servers. If applications or services installed on the servers are interrupted due to factors not attributable to Hosting Solutions, including incorrect scripts or interactions between visitors and parts of websites that prove harmful to the system, Hosting Solutions undertakes to pro-actively restore the interrupted services within 2 working hours of the interruption.

If the service is interrupted for more than 2 hours, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of the fixed fee corresponding to the period of interruption.

Backup of hosting services data

For greater reliability of the service offered, Hosting Solutions performs the periodic backup of the data of the hosting services, automatically, on NAS storage devices; these backup operations are essential to guarantee the correct functioning of the hosting service and to meet disaster-recovery activities. This backup activity should not be confused with the backup of the data (files, information contained in files) that each customer transfers to the space provided with the hosting service: the responsibility for the integrity of this data and its backup (and therefore of the files and information contained therein) lies exclusively with the customer.

VPS and Dedicated Server data Backup

Virtual and dedicated servers include the Standard Backup service, which provides (subject to activation request via ticket system) for saving the contents of a specific disk folder of the customer's choice; this backup is configured together with our technical team for daily copying of up to 25 GB of data. Those who wish to have a backup service with ad-hoc backup policies, may consider purchasing backup services from those we provide: Smart Storage or Acronis Backup.

Hardware warranty

Hosting Solutions guarantees the functioning of all hardware components provided on loan and undertakes to replace faulty components at no extra cost. The hardware intervention starts as soon as Hosting Solutions identifies the specific fault. The replacement of the faulty components is guaranteed within 4 working hours from the identification of the fault. If the intervention time lasts longer than 4 working hours, the customer is entitled to a refund of the fixed fee corresponding to the period of interruption. This time does not include the restoration of data from backups or the realignment of RAID disks.