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PrePay payment method

The convenient and safe prepaid method.

The PrePay payment method allows you to upload an amount to your control panel account, which can be used to purchase new services or to renew services that are already active.
Below are the available denominations:


You can view the self-renewal procedure nin the following video-guide:
Control panel: Administrative functions - part 1

You can view the recharge procedure and how to use the prepaid credit in the following video-guide:
Control panel: Administrative functions - part 2

Main advantages of the PrePay payment method

2% discount - If you use Prepay payment method for your purchases, you will get an additional 2% discount on the transaction amount.

Discount on the purchase of domains -If you purchase a domain, you can benefit from the discount ranges provided (e.g. 21-50 domains, 51-100 domains, etc.) even if the number of domains purchased is lower than the one provided by the range. In fact, the discount is applied according to the prepaid credit available on the control panel. In particular:

  • 250 - 499 Euro available, access to the 21-50 domains discount range
  • 500 - 999 Euro available, access to the 51-100 domains discount range
  • more than 1000 Euro available, access to the 101-500 domains discount range

Automatic renewals - by setting the automatic renewal of both domains and hosting plans, the services will be automatically renewed when they expire and their price will be deducted from the available balance of the prepaid payment.

Access to Cloud Computing services - If you use the PrePay payment method you can activate cloud server istances by paying only for the resources you actually user.

Safe Transactions - The initial amount can be uploaded by bank tranfer, credit card, PayPal or postal order. For following transactions you will not need to enter your payment details again.

Accounting simplification - Once you have used the PrePay method, you will receive an invoice for the amount uploaded and a monthly invoice for zero balance to account for transactions carried out using the prepaid method.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upload any prepaid amount?
Recharging must be carried out by choosing from the various denominations available, ranging from a minimum of 50 Euro to a maximum of 5000 Euro. It is, therefore, possible to top up amounts other than the planned denominations only by purchasing several PrePay packages at the same time, in order to obtain the desired amount with the sum of the packages.

Can I also purchase or renew hosting services with the PrePay method?
Yes, the PrePay method can also be used to purchase and renew any service.

How can I apply the automatic renewal for my services?
To set the automatic renewal of a service, you must enter the Renew Services section of the ServerMate control panel, tick the box relating to the service you intend to renew automatically and click on the Autorenewal ON button at the bottom of the list of services. From that moment on, the selected service will be automatically renewed when it expires, using the available balancex.
The automatic renewal can be deactivated at any time by following the same procedure but clicking on the Autorenewal OFF button.

Can I choose automatic renewal both for domains and hosting services?
Yes, it can be done for any service, as long as the available balance is enough to cover the transaction.

My balance is not enough for all transactions; can I pay part of the services through PrePay and part with another payment method?
No, it is not possible to pay in different ways for a single order. Multiple orders must be placed or another prepaid amount must be pre-loaded.

Can I pay with other payment methods services to which I have applied the automatic renewal option?
Yes, it is always possible to renew a service manually even if the automatic renewal option has been applied to it.

What happens to services I have set up for automatic renewal if I have no balance available for the transaction when they expire?
In this case, a warning email will be sent before the expiration of the service, so you have the possibility to top up your account with additional credit, or, proceed with the renewal with other payment methods. If, however, at the time of renewal the balance does not have the necessary amount, the service will not be renewed.

How is invoicing done in the PrePay payment method?
For each PrePay top-up purchase, an invoice is sent for the amount paid. Also, an additional zero balance invoice will be sent monthly to account for the transactions on the prepaid account.

Where can I find my list of purchases and transactions relating to my PrePay balance?
All transactions are tracked and documented in the control panel. In the Prepaid Recharge section in the menu on the left you can view movements, see details and export them to an Excel file.

Can I request a refund of an unused remaining credit?
No, prepaid credit cannot be refunded.