Hosting Solutions for the environment

Hosting Solutions for the environment

Our commitment and our initiatives to protect the environment.

The history of Hosting Solutions began more than twenty years ago: since then we have grown steadily, achieving increasingly important goals. Today, our journey of growth also includes a commitment to environmental protection and we try to implement this commitment on a daily basis, in a concrete and tangible manner.

Among the many initiatives undertaken over time and still in place today are:

  • the use of 100% electricity from renewable sources to power all the data centers we own in Florence;
  • the design specifications of our third data center ensure minimal environmental impact for the technological solutions implemented, such as:
    • solar panels for the production of electricity;
    • Free Cooling system that exploits the temperature difference with the external environment for cooling, reducing consumption and consequently polluting emissions.

Lastly, completing our commitment is the achievement of ISO 14001 certification (see our Certifications) regarding the management of our company's environmental policies.

In addition to all this, over the years we have collaborated with associations that are committed to safeguarding the environment: one example is that of Sea Shepherd and their Operation SISO, aimed at protecting the waters of the Aeolian Islands from illegal fishing, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, the Coast Guard, the Catania Harbour Office and the Milazzo branch of the Guardia di Finanza.