Connectivity and network

Optimal performance, safety and reliability

Our network has been designed to ensure optimal performance, security and reliability: this is why Hosting Solutions' connectivity to the Internet is provided on fibre optic from multiple suppliers, balanced and distributed among the various nodes at MIX in Milan, Rome and SuperNAP in Siziano, connected to the main office in Florence through private and totally dedicated links (peer-to-peer).

Connectivity and bandwidth

Our lines are balanced and redundant and use dedicated connections to multiple backbones to ensure that services are always available with maximum efficiency.

The Florentine Data Centers are directly connected to the Internet through fibre optic connections from different operators; in addition, there is a point-to-point connection with the MIX in Milan, which makes it possible to optimise traffic with the operators there..

The total bandwidth available to us is around five times higher than the bandwidth neededand actually used. This allows us to manage any peaks in traffic in a controlled way, as well as to handle any interruptions in service from a connectivity provider without any problem.

Thanks to constant monitoring of bandwidth usage and additional fibres already attached to our data centers we can quickly increase the bandwidth available to us as usage increases.

Private connectivity

For private infrastructures (clusters with at least two physical nodes) we provide high-speed reserved connectivity that enables secure and private communications between servers in the cluster. The standard speed is 1 Gbps but can be increased to 10 Gbps or more on request.


The IP addresses available are our property, IP addresses available are our property GENESYS-NET network (for details: Hosting Solutions, in fact, is an AS, that is an Autonomous System and as such has full control over routing policies.

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) is used for routing, to ensure optimal routing of packets. Thanks to the availability of several independent connections, traffic can be routed on alternative routes, even if one of our connectivity providers has an outage. The routing devices are Cisco routers with HSRP (N+1 Hot Failover) protocolwhich guarantee data flow even in the event of a hardware failure on one router.

Guaranteed bandwidth

Hosting Solutions has entered into strict SLA clauses with connectivity providers, which guarantee bandwidth availability. This offers significant advantages, as normal peering contracts often do not include adequate Service Level Agreement (SLA) conditions and therefore no one is liable for packets lost at congestion points.

Network quality

Hosting Solutions is a "Cisco Powered Network" because it exclusively uses Cisco routers, both border and BGP routers. The network components are redundant and guarantee maximum reachability time by completely eliminating critical hardware failure points. Hosting Solutions' network is multi-homed, so it is equipped with multiple, redundant lines capable of providing fast and reliable connections.