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December 2021 - New Webmail

The new webmail has been released, replacing the classic webmail that is being discontinued (a free tool is available to easily migrate address books and preferences).
The main new features of the new webmail are:

  • New interface, also optimised for mobile devices;
  • Access with two-factor authentication;
  • HTTPS by default on your domain.

September 2021 - Remote Digital Signature

Our Trust Services offer is completed by the Remote Digital Signature, a service that allows you to digitally sign documents wherever you are and from any location (PC, mobile device), without the need for a smart card or specific hardware. The service is valid for 3 years. To activate the service and obtain the signature device, the customer simply needs to be identified on video by one of our RAOs.

June 2021 - Trust Services

Our offer also includes the service of Personal SPID (Sistema Pubblico d'Identità Digitale - Public Digital Identity System), which securely identifies a person digitally and is necessary to access the online services of the Public Administration (e.g. INPS-Social Security Service, Agenzia dell'Entrate-Income Revenue Authority, Servizi Comunali-Municipal Services, Fascicolo Sanitario elettronico-Electronic Health Record, IO App, etc.) and of the private companies that use them. SPID must be issued by a provider accredited by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), which in our case is Namirial S.p.A..

May 2021 - Become a RAO with Hosting Solutions

RAO (Registration Authority Officer) is a person authorized to issue digital identity services (SPID, digital signature); to become RAO you must be accredited by a CA (Certification Authority) through an LRA (Local Registration Authority). Genesys Informatica Srl is accredited as LRA by Namirial SpA, Certification Authority and Trust Service Provider accredited by AgID. Hosting Solutions (Genesys Informatica srl), therefore, can officially recognise its resellers as RAO: resellers, following a specific online course provided directly by Namirial S.p.a., will receive the credentials of the control panel which they will use to issue digital services in total autonomy.

February 2021 - Two-factor authentication (2FA) in our panel

It is possible to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to access our control panel: once activated and in addition to the credentials, it will be required to use an OTP (One Time Password) code that the user will receive from time to time using the Google Authenticator app (available in all stores) or by email.
To activate this security setting, it is necessary to log in to the control panel and select the item UTILITA' (Utility) -> Preferenze PDC (PDC Preferences) in the menu on the left: here, in the appropriate box, click on the Attiva (Activate) button, then proceed following the instructions in the panel.

January 2021 - New features for payments in our panel

We added the possibility to register your credit card as a payment method in our control panel, in order to speed up both renewals and subscriptions of new services.
The credit card can be saved as a payment method during the purchase/renewal process or directly from the appropriate section of the control panel, following the path: UTILITA’ (Utility) -> Gestione Carte Di Credito (Credit Card Management), click on Aggiungi nuova Carta di Credito (Add New Credit Card).

September 2020 – New Azure Managed Cloud service

The new Azure Managed Cloud, service is now available on the Hosting Solutions website, in the section dedicated to Microsoft Cloud Services.
Thanks to the consolidated experience with Microsoft products, the Managed Cloud service on Microsoft Azure allows you to benefit from the architecture and resources of Azure together with the expertise and professionalism of our staff. The specialised Hosting Solutions team will provide support and advice for the creation and implementation of cloud infrastructures based on the well-known platform.

July/August 2020 - VPS news

Our Electronic Invoicing services, Safe Invoice B2B, continue to grow and add new features and utilities. In addition, the Safe Invoice B2B service has a new additional service that allows you to consult Electronic DAS and electronically archive receipts

March/April 2020 - Smart Working and Agile Working

Faced with the needs imposed by the Covid-19 emergency, Hosting Solutions offers its customers complete solutions for Smart Working and Teleworking: these services help many companies in carrying out their daily work activities, allowing them to operate safely from remote locations.

January 2020 - VPS news

All VPS services (Linux, Windows) include Enterprise Full SSD storage: more and more security and performance for your websites.

January 2020 - New PEC services

We are renewing our offer on certified mail: in addition to the PEC box on the certified domain or on your proprio dominio certificato, we are adding the services of security archive and substitute storage (in accordance with the law) of PECs, through which it is possible to classify, archive and subsequently store all or part of the traffic of the PEC box.

December 2019 - Blockchain and Hosting Solutions

In partnership with Quadrans Foundation,Hosting Solutions' first blockchain service was born. Through our Public Cloud Computing platform, you can activate a Quadrans blockchain node in a few seconds.
The cloud instances are already configured with all the necessary software and, to activate them, simply select the appropriate image in the panel of our Cloud Computing infrastructure.

October 2019 - Acronis Backup for Office 365

We are expanding our offer on the professional Acronis Backup service with the possibility to purchase licences to plan the backup of MS Office 365 services.

October 2019 - Electronic invoicing: order management (NSO)

Our electronic invoicing services, Safe Invoice B2B, through a special additional form, allow you to fully manage the transmission and reception of purchase orders (POs - Public Administration Purchase Orders) and their responses.

October 2019 - New DELL R240 Dedicated Server

The new Dell PowerEdge R240, dedicated servers are now available, replacing the previous R230. Like all our dedicated servers, the PowerEdge R240 can be configured online. The new R240 servers are even more powerful: latest generation CPU, even faster RAM and the latest version of the iDRAC card for remote management of the machine.

September 2019 - NextStorage

New services for the world of online storage: NextStorage services enable secure file synchronisation and sharing. They are based on the Nextcloud platform, an open source system designed to be easy to use and secure.

September 2019 - Multi-domain hosting

Our Multidomain Hosting plans are all-inclusive services in a totally dedicated and customizable environmentfully managed by the technical team of Hosting Solutions. You can use them to create and customise hosting plans with your brand,and choose the features to make available to your customers.

July 2019 - New certifications

Two new important certifications for Hosting Solutions: ISO/IEC 27017:2015 and ISO/IEC 27018:2019 which confirm the very high level of security and privacy of our cloud-based services. These are in addition to the quality certifications UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001, which aim to bring IT security to an organisation

June 2019 - Electronic invoicing: simplified invoice management

Our Safe Invoice B2B services fully manage (creation, loading, consultation) the simplified invoice, which is the FSM10 format for invoices with amounts up to EUR 400 that do not concern intra-Community supplies and distance sales.

May 2019 - VPS: Remote management console

The remote management console is finally available for all VPS servers (XenServer, VMWare) and it can be accessed from our ServerMate control panel. It also includes resource statistics(CPU, RAM, network) as well as all remote server control features.

April 2019 - New Site Generator

The new Site Generator, is now available, an even more modern and effective tool for creating responsive websites, that can adapt to all types of device, quickly and easily.
The service continues to be all-inclusive, including domain, DNS management, hosting, mailboxes, Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, as well as many new and easy-to-edit graphic templates.

April 2019 - New Private Cloud

We are pleased to announce the new section of the website for the Private Cloud services.The Private Cloud consists of a completely dedicated infrastructure to manage the creation of Cloud Servers independently.
The technologies available for the creation of Private Cloud environments are: dedicated DELL PowerEdge dEnterprise level servers, SAN NetApp storage, a hypervisor of your choice among the most popular ones (such as VMware, Xen Center, HyperV and Proxmox). Backup and disaster recovery solutions are also available.
Hosting Solutions' technical team is able to help the Client from the design phase to the delivery of the Private Cloud infrastructure in production.

April 2019 - Electronic Invoicing: importing an Archiving Package

Our electronic invoicing services (Safe Invoice B2B) come with the new feature of importing Archiving Packages (PdA) from external providers. importing Archiving Packages (PdA) from external providers by transferring the packages already generated with the previous provider, and then inserting them in substitute storage.
Please note that with Safe Invoice B2B substitute storage is guaranteed for 10 years, as required by law.
For more information on Hosting Solutions' e-invoicing services, please write to

April 2019 - News Website Security

We have updated the Security section of our website, adding a new comprehensive suite of website security tools.
These new services include: CDN (Content Distribution Network) to improve site performance, monitoring and protection from DDoS attacks and hacking and, clean-up and resolution of compromised sites. The services are available for sites hosted on hosting plans or on dedicated infrastructures such as Cloud Servers, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

March 2019 - Geographical Security Replication for VPS servers

Our virtual servers (VPS) have been enhanced with the important additional Geographical Replication service. Replication is carried out in asynchronous mode in one of our colocations in Rome or Siziano (SUPERNAP), on an hourly basis keeps the history of the last 6 hours. It will only be possible to restore the VPS server from the replica in the event of disaster at the Florence data center, by contacting our technical support. The restoration will require the client’s access credentials and will be performed by starting the most recent clone of the VPS; if the clone cannot be started, a new VPS server will be provided and its clone disk will be attached as a secondary disk

January 2019 - New VPS servers

Hosting Solutions' offer on virtual servers (VPS) is enhanced thanks to the possibility to choose the virtualization platform (XenServer or VMwareas well as the operating system (Linux or Windows). The new VPS servers on XenServer platform, moreover, fit into a price range extremely convenient since it increases the available space for the same resources.

January 2019 – Electronic Invoicing on its way!

As from 2019 the obligation of electronic invoicing has come into force. Hosting Solutions offers its clients SafeInvoiceB2B, the all-inclusive service designed for single companies and resellers that simplifies all the activities of managing electronic invoices, ensuring all the necessary assistance.