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October 2022 - PEC Preservation

The new PEC Preservation service allows you to archive all the messages in a certified email account and their notification receipts in accordance with the law: thanks to the digital preservation time stamp, the validity of the PEC is actually extended over time. The PEC Preservation service can be used for accounts hosted by other providers.

September 2022 - Linux VPS Protection

A new add-on service for Linux VPS servers, it protects all PHP websites hosted in the VPS. The protection (detection and clean-up) is automatic and is active on injections of malicious code and files (e.g. web shells).

September 2022 - ntop Licences

Thanks to the partnership with ntop, an international reference company for network monitoring and security solutions, Hosting Solutions offers official software licenses for all ntop products at the best price on the market.

July 2022 - New add-on modules for Electronic Invoicing

The Electronic Invoicing services have two new important add-on modules: Module for Operators of the Republic of San Marino and Module for Electronic Receipts.

June 2022 - 14001 Certification

Hosting Solutions (Genesys Informatica srl) is UNI EN ISO 14001 certified, the certification of a company's environmental management system in accordance with the good practices defined in the relevant standard, thus encouraging trust in the services offered.

March 2022 - Protection for EndPoint (Server, PC, device)

Thanks to the artificial intelligence of the SentinelOne® engine, the service proactively protects all endpoints (servers, PCs, devices), detecting and responding in real time to any known or unknown cyber threat, from classic viruses, malware and ransomware to botnets.

March 2022 – TIER IV Certification New Data Center

Our new Data Center in Florence has been certified TIER IV by Uptime Institute, the world's leading authority in the field. This award proves that our new infrastructure meets a series of top-level technical requirements, such as an uptime of 99.995% per year and a fault tolerance of 100%. Full details can be found on the dedicated page of our website: Data Center DC2FI TIER IV.

March 2022 - New security services for servers and workstations

In addition to our already wide range of security services, we are now offering a complete solution to protect servers and workstations (PCs and devices in general) from all known and unknown cyber threats, such as viruses, malware, ransomware and botnets. This solution is based on the artificial intelligence of the SentinelOne engine, the new frontier of computer security.

February 2022 - New Data Center

We have completed the construction of our Third Data Center in Florence, a high-tech structure, characterised by the highest level of business continuity and by the fact that it is completely fault tolerant thanks to the redundancy of all its components. This data center combines efficiency and environmental sustainability by using the latest generation of equipment and advanced energy efficiency systems.
The data center has already been awarded the TIER IV by Design certification.

February 2022 - New Website

The new official Hosting Solutions website is now online, with a completely renewed design and an updated and very modern graphic layout.

December 2021 - New Webmail

The new webmail has been released, replacing the classic webmail that is being discontinued (a free tool is available to easily migrate address books and preferences).
The main new features of the new webmail are:

  • New interface, also optimised for mobile devices;
  • Access with two-factor authentication;
  • HTTPS by default on your domain.

September 2021 - Remote Digital Signature

Our Trust Services offer is completed by the Remote Digital Signature, a service that allows you to digitally sign documents wherever you are and from any location (PC, mobile device), without the need for a smart card or specific hardware. The service is valid for 3 years. To activate the service and obtain the signature device, the customer simply needs to be identified on video by one of our RAOs.

June 2021 - Trust Services

Our offer also includes the service of Personal SPID (Sistema Pubblico d'Identità Digitale - Public Digital Identity System), which securely identifies a person digitally and is necessary to access the online services of the Public Administration (e.g. INPS-Social Security Service, Agenzia dell'Entrate-Income Revenue Authority, Servizi Comunali-Municipal Services, Fascicolo Sanitario elettronico-Electronic Health Record, IO App, etc.) and of the private companies that use them. SPID must be issued by a provider accredited by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), which in our case is Namirial S.p.A..

May 2021 - Become a RAO with Hosting Solutions

RAO (Registration Authority Officer) is a person authorized to issue digital identity services (SPID, digital signature); to become RAO you must be accredited by a CA (Certification Authority) through an LRA (Local Registration Authority). Genesys Informatica Srl is accredited as LRA by Namirial SpA, Certification Authority and Trust Service Provider accredited by AgID. Hosting Solutions (Genesys Informatica srl), therefore, can officially recognise its resellers as RAO: resellers, following a specific online course provided directly by Namirial S.p.a., will receive the credentials of the control panel which they will use to issue digital services in total autonomy.

February 2021 - Two-factor authentication (2FA) in our panel

It is possible to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to access our control panel: once activated and in addition to the credentials, it will be required to use an OTP (One Time Password) code that the user will receive from time to time using the Google Authenticator app (available in all stores) or by email.
To activate this security setting, it is necessary to log in to the control panel and select the item UTILITA' (Utility) -> Preferenze PDC (PDC Preferences) in the menu on the left: here, in the appropriate box, click on the Attiva (Activate) button, then proceed following the instructions in the panel.

January 2021 - New features for payments in our panel

We added the possibility to register your credit card as a payment method in our control panel, in order to speed up both renewals and subscriptions of new services.
The credit card can be saved as a payment method during the purchase/renewal process or directly from the appropriate section of the control panel, following the path: UTILITA’ (Utility) -> Gestione Carte Di Credito (Credit Card Management), click on Aggiungi nuova Carta di Credito (Add New Credit Card).