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PEC Preservation

The new PEC Preservation service allows you to archive all the messages in a certified email account and their notification receipts in accordance with the law. The storage assigned is 1 GB and can be increased if necessary. The PEC Preservation service can be used for any certified email account, including those hosted by other providers.

Remote Digital Signature

The Remote Digital Signature is again available among our Trust Services. It allows you to digitally sign documents from any workstation, fixed or mobile and without a smart card, using your smartphone to generate temporary OTP (One-Time Password) passwords. Activation of the service is quick and easy: the customer will receive, directly from the Certification Authority, a link to carry out the video-identification required for activation.
The validity of the digital signature is 3 years.

Digital identity services: become RAO

In view of the growing demand for digital identity services (Trust Services) such as, for example, SPID and digital signatures, Hosting Solutions offers you the opportunity to become RAO (Registration Authority Officer) and provide these services independently. The accreditation procedure is simple and free of charge.
For information, please write to

Office 365 Data Protection

All of the tools included in the Office 365 suite have a protection system that allows limited blocking of external threats that could affect them. To achieve a higher level of security, Hosting Solutions offers the Acronis Backup service for Office 365, which allows you to create back-up copies of all the data in an account and store them in our Italian data centers.


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