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Register, transfer or renew a domain with extension

Price ranges by number of domains 1- 20 21 - 50 51 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1000 1001+ Trust Service
Included in hosting
Registration € 8.50 € 8.00 € 7.50 € 7.00 € 6.50 € 5.90 € 0
Trasfer € 8.50 € 8.00 € 7.50 € 7.00 € 6.50 € 5.90 € 0
Renewal € 8.50 € 8.00 € 7.50 € 7.00 € 6.50 € 5.90 € 0

Registration information for domains

  • Extension:
  • Type: ccTLD
  • Time required for registration: Registrazione Asincrona, 3 giorni lavorativi
  • Zone: United Kingdom
  • DNS requirements: Da 2 a 6
  • Private Whois:
  • Official domain registry: link to the register
  • Trust Service cost: € -
    The Trust Service is a service that allows the registration of a domain even to those who do not have the necessary requirements for that specific extension (eg some international domains require residency). This service is offered for each domain extension bound by specific registration requirements.
  • Specific notes: Per il trasferimento è necessario chiedere al proprio Registrar la modifica del TAG in EPAG-DE.
    Per la verifica dei dati da parte di ICANN, arriverà una mail da E' necessario inviare una copia della visura camerale all'indirizzo riportato nella mail del Registry.
    La provincia deve essere inserita come Greater London oppure London

Paid transactions on domains

  • Recovery from Redemption for domains: € 0.00
    The Recovery from Redemption is an additional cost (in addition to the domain renewal cost) required to renew a domain which has not been renewed by the deadline. The period within which it is still possible to make the renewal beyond the expiration date is called the 'Redemption Period' and may differ for extensions. Once the Redemption Period has also elapsed without renewal, you will permanently lose ownership of the domain.
  • Change of Registrant for domains: € 31.90
    For certain extensions, the Change of Registrant operation is subject to a fee. In this case, you need to subscribe the appropriate additional service directly from the 'Order additional services' section in the control panel. For all the others extensions, for which this operation is free, the 'Change of Registrant' operation can be carried out by sending a ticket from the 'Ticket' section of the control panel.
  • Domain data update cost for domains: € 0.00
    For certain extensions, the modification of the data of a domain is subject to a fee (for example, a change of DNS server). In this case, the modification of the domain data will be required by opening a ticket from the 'Ticket' section of the control panel.