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Early 2012 saw the start of a very important phase for Hosting Solutions, a project that helped to identify and modernise our brand in order to strengthen our brand and enhance institutional and commercial communication.

It was an articulated restyling with the aim of presenting Hosting Solutions in step with the times both from an image and technological point of view. The project saw the introduction of the new logo and payoff, as well as a modernisation of the colours and fonts.

Hosting Solutions began this new phase by identifying itself with a mascot/symbol: the hermit crab, an animal with a strong aptitude for evolution and adaptation. Its characteristic in fact, during its growth, is to look for a new, larger and more suitable shell where to move into. A sort of metaphor for Hosting Solutions, which, with its constant progress, aims to respond appropriately to the evolution of the business.

Lastly, the payoff "out of the box" reaffirms the uniqueness of Hosting Solutions both in the offer of products and services and in the relationship with customers.

The Hosting Solutions brand, therefore, sets itself the ambitious goal of expressing lightness, contemporaneity and immediacy, enhancing our being unique.

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