Corporate image and logo

Our image in the graphics

In the early months of 2012, a very important phase began for Hosting Solutions, a project that aims to identify and update our brand to strengthen brand awareness and enhance institutional and commercial communication.

It is an articulated restyling that aims to present Hosting Solutions in step with the times both from a technological point of view and in terms of image: a reality able to offer a service always innovative, attentive to its customers and their specific needs through clear, readable and comprehensive communication tools. The project saw the introduction of the new logo and payoff, as well as a modernisation of the colours and fonts.

Hosting Solutions then begins this new phase by presenting a mascot/symbol: the hermit crab, an animal with a strong aptitude for evolution and adaptation. Its characteristic in fact, during its growth, is to look for a new bigger and more suitable shell where to move. A behaviour that represents a sort of metaphor for Hosting Solutions which, with its constant progress both at company level and in its offer, aims to respond punctually to the evolution of its clients' business.

The payoff "out of the box" also aims to further strengthen the institutional image. This English saying reaffirms the uniqueness of Hosting Solutions compared to competitors, offering products and services that are more and more performing thanks to the great and constant attention to news and developments.

The defined image has allowed us to start a further phase that sees the use of the identified guidelines on all the integrated communication tools: from the institutional and product brochures, to the website, up to the commercial campaigns. Each medium will allow Hosting Solutions to speak a strong and univocal language, guaranteeing lightness, contemporaneity and readability and enhancing its uniqueness.