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Standard Backup and Storage

Standard Backup and Storage for all types of physical servers and VPS

What is Backup

The backup is a safety copy of the data. It is generally scheduled and carried out automatically at regular intervals over time.

Hosting Solutions offers three types of backup for servers: Standard, Smart Storage and Acronis Backup, which are briefly described in the table below. For details, please visit the pages of our website dedicated to the relevant backup.

Features Standard Backup
Smart Storage Acronis Backup
Price free from € 5,00/month from € 10,00/month
Backup policy defined by Hosting Solutions customized customized
Maximum backup size 25 GB unlimited, from 50 GB unlimited, from 50 GB
Number of users 1 customizable customizable
User permissions read-only read and write read and write
Access protocols FTP FTP, FTPS, Web FTP, Rsync, S3, NFS, SMB Acronis Backup software

Standard Backup

The Standard Backup is included in Hosting Solutions services such as Dedicated Servers and VPS (from the Gold version) and must be activated via ticket from the control panel. It consists of the backup copy of a folder (and its subfolders) on the server chosen by the user and communicated to the technical team when requesting activation of the backup service.

The backup frequency is daily and the last 7 copies are stored in the backup space (the backups of the last 7 days). Hosting Solutions will communicate the time slot in which it will carry out the backup of the folder (generally overnight) so that the user can adjust the loading of the data to be saved in the chosen folder. For example, if Hosting Solutions' scheduled backup activity takes place between 02:00 and 05:00 every night, it will be appropriate for the user to complete the activity of copying the data to be saved before 02:00.

The maximum size of the backup space is 25 GB which means that, after the first week, it will contain all the last 7 backups.

Smart Storage

This is Hosting Solutions' storage service. Features can be found at the following address: Smart Storage

The backup policy (data, frequency) must be indicated to the technical staff who will then implement it with the required features. The backup activity does not involve any installation of additional software on the server, so it will not burden the performance of the server itself.

The backup space size of the basic package is 50 GB and can be increased as required.

Acronis Backup

This is Hosting Solutions' backup service, for details see Acronis Backup.

The backup policy (data, frequency, etc) must be set by the user using the appropriate interface of the Acronis software.