On-line Storage

Storage OnLine: Infrastructure

The modern and secure infrastructure of the Storage service.

Hosting Solutions' On-line Storage services are characterized by variable size spaces, with capacity of 50 GB, 100 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB.


The Smart Storage and Smart Storage Plus services can be accessed from the public network using FTP, FTPS, Web FTP, Rsync, S3 protocols and from Hosting Solutions' private network with NFS and SMB (Windows share).

Primary Storage and Primary Storage SSD services can only be accessed from Hosting Solutions' private network with NFS, SMB and iSCSI.


Smart Storage services are provided by redundant storage systems iinstalled in Hosting Solutions’ data center located in Florence and Rome.
Each storage system consists of two controller nodes connected in double mesh to external disk arrays. This particular configuration allows any of the two nodes to take over the services of the partner node in case of failure or maintenance. The disk arrays are configured in RAID 6 with double parity and spare disks ready to take action to replace any failed disk.

Storage systems provide the basis for the distributed file system. The services are published on the Internet via border servers that directly access the distributed file system and provide access to all communication and authentication protocols included in the service.

The two data centres in Florence are connected by a totally dedicated fibre optic network to maximise transmission speed and minimise latency times. Communication between the two data centres is therefore always active and independent of failures or slowdowns that may occur on the public network.

Network connectivity for the two data centres is guaranteed for an SLA of 99,9%, ithe remaining 0.1% is reserved to handle any extraordinary maintenance work.

The bandwidth to and from the borders of the service is not limited and crosses Enterprise network systems (routers and switches) that guarantee dynamic absorption of traffic peaks and therefore accessibility to the service for all connected users.