Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

0.00 + VAT/year
+ setup € + VAT/o.p.

With 50GB Exchange mailbox, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, 1TB on OneDrive, online conferencing services, and more

Create new Microsoft account (minimum 5 characters, do not enter spaces and points)


Use existing Microsoft account

By purchasing the service an account will be created (if not present) with Microsoft (Microsoft Tenant) of the type: or
To order the service, therefore, it is necessary to provide the name that will be added to the domain (username or companyname: third level of the domain) or alternatively, in the case of a pre-existing account, the il Microsoft Tenant (identifier of a Microsoft account) already created, to be found in the Microsoft portal, according to the following scheme:
  • If you already have a Microsoft account and wish to purchase the service using the same account, provide the Microsoft Tenant of the existing account to be found in the Microsoft porta.
  • If you already have a Microsoft account, but still want to create a new Microsoft account Microsoft for the service at the time of purchase, provide the username / companyname for the, domain, different obviously from the one already used to create the existing account.
  • If you already have a Microsoft account and wish to transfer a service previously purchased from another provider to Hosting Solutions  provide the Microsoft Tenant of the existing account to be found on the Microsoft portal.
  • • If you do not have a Microsoft account, provide the username / companyname that you want on the
    domain. For example, a personal or company name without dots or spaces: (third level: mariorossi) or (third level: companyname).

Service features

The Microsoft 365 Business Basic service includes company email and other business services.
In details, it includes:

  • 1 Exchange Online mailbox of 50 GB
  • Web versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint (desktop versions of applications not included)
  • 1 TB of OneDrive storage
  • Online Conference services
  • Instant messaging
  • Skype connectivity
  • Teamwork management with Microsoft Teams
  • Tasks and teamwork management with Microsoft Planner
  • Yammer Enterprise social network

Transfer of existing boxes

You can always transfer pre-existing Exchange Online boxes to Hosting Solutions by providing only the Tenant ID of your Microsoft account.

Professional Backup for Microsoft 365

All Microsoft 365 services can have the Acronis professional backup by purchasing the appropriate licenses and storage through our configurator.