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JSP support, Apache Tomcat

Cloud Instance with Tomcat - JSP and Servlet solutions with Apache Tomcat

JSP (Java Server Pages) and Servlets are the answer to Common Gateway Interfaces, based on Java technology, as an alternative to automatic web page generation processes.

The advantage over other technologies is the Java Virtual Machine, which is always loaded in memory and this makes access times to resource much shorter than in traditional CGI programming.

Our Cloud Instances with Tomcat offer everything you need to take advantage of Java Servlet/JSP technology and are ideal for all kinds of web applications, personal websites and e-commerce websites.


Java technology offers advantages in terms of rapid application development and reliability. The programming language is very efficient, strong and makes full use of Object-Oriented programming concepts. But Java is not just a language, it is an entire platform based on the Java Virtual Machine. The JVM runs applications written in Java and has the great advantage of being universal, which means it can be used on different architectures, both software and hardware, for example from PCs to smartphones.

Apache Tomcat

Tomcat is an Open Source Web Application Container developed entirely in Java, which is able to interpret JSP pages and web applications written with the Servlet standard. Apache Tomcat is developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. Over time Apache Tomcat has undoubtedly become the reference implementation for the Servlet and JSP specifications, so it is correct to say that it implements the JSP/Servlet specifications better than any other product, including the major commercial Web Application Servers.

Cloud Instance with Tomcat

For those who need an Apache/Tomcat environment, Hosting Solutions provides, among the Cloud Instances, a template with dedicated Ubuntu 16.04 and Tomcat 8.5, pre-installed and pre-configured in standard mode.

In particular, Tomcat is configured to run on port 80. To access the "Manager App" and "Host Manager" features, you can retrieve the credentials of the Tomcat user from the Cloud control panel, using the command Azioni -> Vedi Log of the instance.

Each instance has an amount of Heap memory reserved for the private Java Virtual Machine, and therefore for the Tomcat server. The memory is not shared with other processes or applications and is guaranteed to reside in RAM at all times, for maximum execution speed of web applications.

The Cloud instance with Tomcat can be activated directly from our configurator, by selecting it from the list of operating systems and versions (Step 2).

Service features:

  • Oracle Java SE
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5
  • Option to dynamically scale the resources of the Cloud instance
  • Direct access to the Tomcat webapps, work, temps and logs directories
  • Full access to Tomcat's System.out file
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) facility: configure servlets and create JSPs without our assistance
  • Option to install multiple applications (e.g. ROOT application, separate CMS, Wiki, etc.)
  • Tomcat Manager: included in each plan the option to run in autonomy the start/stop of web applications in real time and observe their status
  • Support for JDBC to connect to MySQL databases
  • Option to install your own components, e.g. MyFaces, Cocoon etc.
  • Support for web applications contained in .WAR files