Public Cloud Services

Features - Actions

Manage the size and security of your cloud server in real time!

In the Hosting Solutions control panel ServerMate, there are a number of features that allow you to perform actions on active cloud servers in your account.

In addition to the basic actions, such as 'Rename', 'Suspend', 'Restart', 'Delete', there are other actions peculiar to the Cloud service, such as 'Create Snapshot', 'Resize', 'View LOG', 'VNC Console'.

Create Snapshot

This feature allows you to save the state and all data of the cloud instance as they are at the time of the action.

In a few minutes, an identical copy of the cloud instance is created; once the procedure is complete, you can reuse your cloud server as normal. At any time, the content of any snapshot (data and operating system) can be restored on any active instance that you have.

This feature makes the snapshot functionality suitable for creating private images that can be reused at any time and on any other instance.


The 'Resize' feature allows you to change the type of instance and therefore the size of your cloud server.

The Resize feature allows you to fully exploit the potential of cloud computing and not worry about upgrading resources. At any time, you can change your instance type from Silver to Gold to Platinum, or take the reverse route if the number of visits and requests to use the server has decreased.

View LOG

This feature gives access to the log of the cloud server.

VNC Console

This feature allows you to open a VNC console on your cloud instance directly from the control panel.

The VNC console from the control panel allows you to restart the cloud server even if this does not respond.