Public Cloud Services

Features - Actions

Manage the size and security of your cloud server in real time!

The Cloud section of our ServerMate control panel allows various actions to be performed on active cloud servers: in addition to the basic actions such as 'Rename', 'Suspend', 'Restart', 'Delete', other features such as 'Create Snapshot', 'Resize', 'View LOG', 'VNC Console' are available and are briefly described below.

Create Snapshot

This feature allows you to save the status and all data of the cloud instance as they are at the time of the action.

In a few minutes, the snapshot is created, making a full copy (data and operating system) of the cloud instance indicated; once the procedure is complete, it will be possible to continue using the cloud server normally. At any time, the contents of the snapshot can be restored to any active instance you have.

This feature makes the Snapshot functionality suitable for creating private images that can be reused at any time and on any instance in the account.


This feature allows you  to change the type of instance (also called Flavor: Silver, Gold, Platinum) and therefore the configuration and size of a cloud server you have previously created.

The Resize action allows, therefore, 100 per cent exploitation of the potential of cloud computing by increasing or decreasing resources according to actual server usage.

View LOG

This feature allows you to view the cloud server's log file.

VNC Console

This feature allows you to open a VNC console on your cloud instance directly from the control panel and this allows you to restart the cloud server if it does not respond.