Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud Computing - Features

Introduction to our public cloud and its features

One of the main advantages of Cloud Computing is that it allows tasks requiring large computing capacity to be performed with no investment in the purchase of hardware.

In particular, Hosting Solutions' Cloud Computing  is designed to provide maximum flexibility thanks to a modern provisioning system, allowing the activation of countless virtual servers (cloud servers) through a simple and intuitive interface (control panel, see image). In addition, the infrastructure that delivers it is entirely hosted within our data centers in Italy.

The cloud servers created are activated in seconds, with an operating system of your choice between Linux and Windows, and immediately available. In addition, each server has dedicated resources in terms of CPU, RAM and disk space. Once the cloud server is created, it is possible to add volumes of space that will result as additional partitions.

Our service is totally on-demand, which means it allows one or more cloud servers to be started up and shut down even after a few seconds, paying only for actual usage.

The payment system is based on credit with prepaid top-ups, available from a minimum denomination of 10 Euros: from this credit will be deducted the time (per second) actually used for the cloud servers active in the infrastructure. For large consumptions, there is a monthly discount plan available for each spending range.

For information on the prices: Price List.

Types of Cloud Server

Each new cloud instance is automatically created on the server with the lowest load to guarantee exceptional performance. As a matter of company policy, we do not oversell resources, which are always 100% guaranteed on each activated cloud server.

Cloud Silver

  • It includes 1 CPU Core at 2.2 GHz on DELL Enterprise class Server, 2 GB of dedicated RAM and 40 GB of disk space

Cloud Silver is the smallest istance of our cloud computing service.

Cloud Silver is the ideal Cloud Server instance for hosting one or more websites with average traffic, preferably with a Linux operating system; the 2 GB of RAM ensure excellent performance even with large databases, but we do not recommend its use for managing websites and applications that require intensive use of the CPU (better a solution with 2 CPU cores) and a large amount of RAM.

Cloud Gold

  • It includes 2 CPU Cores at 2.2 GHz on DELL Enterprise class Server, 4 GB of dedicated RAM and 40 GB of disk space

Cloud Gold is the intermediate instance of our cloud service, an excellent compromise between computational power and cost.

Cloud Gold is an instance suitable for high-load environment and, thanks to its 2 Cores, it can handle even CPU-intensive applications, while the 4 GB of RAM is ideal if we want to host websites that need to access the database frequently.

This instance is the ideal solution if we intend to install a control panel such as Plesk or cPanel on our cloud server and host dozens of websites on it. Customers may also consider using multiple Gold instances to support larger web-hosting installations.

Cloud Platinum

  • It includes 4 CPU Cores at 2.2 GHz on DELL Enterprise class Server, 8 GB of dedicated RAM and 40 GB of disk space

Cloud Platinum represents the top of the available power of our cloud service.

Cloud Platinum is the answer to those who need power and flexibility at the same time. Thanks to its 4 CPU Cores, this instance is the best solution for any resource-intensive application, for processing large volumes of data, up to 3D rendering. This instance is suitable for hosting websites with several thousand visits and very large databases.

Cloud Platinum is recommended for hosting large webhosting installations, with the most common control panels, mail servers based on Microsoft Windows Server or Linux, intended to serve thousands of users or as a computation node for analysis and data processing applications such as Hadoop.