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HostingSolutions’ Cloud Computing: price list and discount plan

Hosting Solutions' cloud computing has no fixed costs or setup fees, it uses a rechargeable prepaid credit from a minimum of €10. Once the cloud account is created and recharged, the credit can be used at any time to activate new instances and volumes.

In addition, Hosting Solutions' Cloud service includes a number of discounts on the monthly fee that apply automatically for those who make use of large resources.

Below are the types of instances available in the cloud computing service and the main features.

from € 16.92 + VAT/month

1 CPU Core
40 GB storage

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da € 31.32 + VAT/month

2 CPU Cores
40 GB storage

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da € 60.12 + VAT/month

3 CPU Cores
40 GB storage

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The table below shows the hourly/daily/30-day costs per component and resource. Note that each istance includes a minimum of 40 GB of storage, which is always included in the configuration.

Resource Hourly price Daily price Price for 30 days
1 CPU Core
€ 0,0100 € 0,240 € 7,20
1 GB RAM € 0,0050 € 0,120 € 3,60
40 GB storage included € 0,0035 € 0,084 € 2,52
10 GB additional storage € 0,0035 € 0,084 € 2,52

Hosting Solutions' cloud computing supports many Linux distributions and all the latest MS Windows Server and Desktop releases (for details, see the Operating and Software Systems page). In the case of Microsoft software, an increase to the costs indicated in the table should be added due to the license costs. The service has no setup cost.

Discounts on monthly consumption

It si possible to benefit from a series of discounts, which are divided according to the minimum monthly consumption band, and specifically:

  • 5% discount for monthly consumption over € 2.000,00.
  • 10% discount for monthly consumption over € 5.000,00.
  • 15% discount for monthly consumption over € 10.000,00.
  • 20% discount for monthly consumption over € 20.000,00.

The discount is applied automatically when the minimum monthly consumption for the discount band is reached.