Quadrans Blockchain Node


Activate your node in 30''

The purpose of this service is to promote and facilitate the creation of blockchain nodes in the Quadrans Blockchain, according to Quadrans Foundation.
We have created a specific image on our cloud computing infrastructure that makes a Quadrans node available in few seconds. The cloud server is configured with all the necessary tools. To make it work, simply connect in ssh to the instance and access the wizard for defining the wallet.

Why activate a Quadrans node?

The Quadrans platform is ideal for developing (and also migrating) smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApp), as it is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
Quadrans Blockchain, thanks to its coin distribution policy (QDT), minimizes the risks connected to the cryptocurrencies fluctuations.

The costs of the service are exclusively those related to the cloud infrastructure.

Our Partner

Quadrans Foundation

Quadrans is an opensource blockchain, public and decentralized, projected to become a digital network for smart contracts and for being able to preserve and share corporate and personal data, to realize automatisms for industry and business, with a natural adaptation process to the users’ needs. A flexible and easy-to-use network, projected to meet the needs of companies and public administrations that have to program the usage of the infrastructure with low and certain costs. A network with use value but, above all things, based on a consensus model projected to be energy saving. Because the Foundation has total sustainability as its founding principle.