Public Cloud Services

Activate a Cloud Server

Activating a Cloud Server is very simple, with no fees or hidden costs!

To use our Cloud Computing services, it is necessary to register on our ServerMate control panel and have prepaid credit available in different denominations (minimum denomination: €10):

Once selected and paid the required denomination, the credit will be immediately available to create and manage your cloud instances.

Cloud Computing Management Panel

From the appropriate section ("Cloud Computing" tab) in our ServerMate control panel, it is very easy to create and manage all your cloud instances. For example, to create a new cloud instance simply click on the "Create New Instance" (Crea Nuova Istanza) icon and provide the required parameters (resources, operating system and image, storage).

Furthermore, for Linux operating systems, it is advisable to generate a Keypair, which is essential for secure and efficient access to your cloud server. For full details on creating Linux cloud instances with KeyPair, please refer to the guide Creating Linux instances with keypair.

Creating an additional storage volume

When creating a new instance, or even later, it is possible to add a storage volume in addition to that included in the basic configuration (Silver, Gold, Platinum): this additional space will be identified as an additional disk partition. This partition (volume) can be transferred, at any time, from the creation instance to any other cloud instance activated in the same account.

For further details and insights into the creation and assignment of additional volumes, please refer to the guide Managing permanent Volumes on cloud instances.