Public Cloud Services

Activate a Cloud Server

Activating a Cloud Server is very simple, with no fees or hidden costs!

Activating a new Cloud server with Hosting Solutions is very easy and you can start with just 10 Euros + VAT without hidden costs and subscriptions!

Subscribing to the service and creating the Cloud Server

To use our Cloud Computing services,  it is necessary to have prepaid credit available in different denominations. To do this, the activation procedure initially gives you the option of choosing the desired credit denomination (see image below)

Oncethe desired denomination has been selected and payment has been made, the credit will immediately be available inside ServerMate, Hosting Solutions' control panel, which you can use to create and manage your own cloud instances.

Please note that you can always make additional prepaid credit top-ups at any time, directly from your control panel.

Cloud Computing accounts inside ServerMate

From the ServerMate panel it is possible to manage all the Cloud Computing options.

It is now possible to create a new cloud instance by selecting the Create New Instance item

Together with the creation of the new instance, in the case of Linux operating system, it is advisable to generate a Keypair, essential for convenient and secure access to your cloud server. For full details on creating Linux cloud instances with KeyPair, please refer to the guide at the following link Creating Linux instances with keypair.

Creating an additional disk volume

When creating a new instance or at any other time, it is possible to add a volume separate from the one included in the istance. This additional disk space will be seen by the cloud server as an additional disk partition. This partition (volume) can be transferred from the creation istance at any time and assigned to any other cloud istance.

For further details and insights into the creation and assignment of additional volumes, the following guide Managing permanent Volumes on cloud istances is available.